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Jonathan Ziv

The most important people at the Ziv Smile Studio for Smile Design are our patients. You can expect star treatment from Dr. Ziv, Westlake Village area cosmetic dentist. Who better to discuss Dr. Ziv’s talents than the very people who have benefited from Dr. Jonathan Ziv’s expertise and knowledge? Read on to see what satisfied patients have to say about their Westlake Village area cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ziv and his staff!

Please accept my most gracious thanks for a job well done. My smile not only turned out exactly as hoped, it was done with such precision and care that absolutely nobody could tell I had had work done. Your staff was courteous and professional; and the office is very organized. Your choice of products and services are of remarkable quality as well. I would highly recommend your office!

S.E, Moorpark, CA 

“Hi Guys,
I think of you often. My son was married recently. Everyone who had not
seen me in years said how beautiful I looked……Especially my smile. I had to
tell them it was thanks to you. I can never express my gratitude. Enclosed are a
couple of photos……I think you will like them.
Hugs to all. Happy Valentines Day.”
C.T, Santa Barbara, CA




Thank you so much for my beautiful new teeth! I am so grateful for all the time and effort Dr. Ziv and Darryl put in (and for making it so much fun to smile)! You make going to the dentist a pleasure!

T.F., Bell Canyon, CA

I first met Dr. Ziv when I decided to have my teeth whitened. At that time I saw the other procedures Dr. Ziv offers as a neuromuscular dentist. I have been bothered for many years with headaches, shoulder stiffness, and neck pain due to muscle spasms and TMJ.

“Dr. Ziv explained how his treatments with a mouth orthotic could have a very positive effect on my complaints. I agreed to try the orthotic and I am pleasantly surprised. Since wearing the device (both night and day) my headaches are rare. I have no more clicking in my jaw, and my shoulder and neck pain have significantly diminished. (continued…)

“Dr. Ziv and his staff are very nice, helpful people, and I have never had to wait past my appointment time. I would certainly recommend Dr. Ziv for his knowledge, professionalism, and excellent patient care.

B.C., Westlake Village, CA

I consulted with Dr. Ziv for cosmetic dentistry having been referred by one of the girls I work with. I understood that Dr. Ziv was knowledgeable in dental artistry and I instinctively felt I was in good hands. He replaced one of my caps, referred me to a specialist for gum surgery, and then gave me a set of beautiful veneers on my top teeth. The veneer placement took no more than a couple of hours, and once done, completely covered the darkness and old caps on my teeth. The end result kind of reminded me of my childhood—many people complimented me on my smile. Even more, I felt no pain whatsoever!

A.D., Camarillo, CA

Thank you so much for being there for me this week! I am most appreciative of the professional expertise, kindness, and caring you each showed me.

J.C., Santa Barbara, CA

“The morning after I received a CT-guided implant surgery, I expected to wake up feeling sore and swollen–what a surprise to feel 95% back to normal! Dr. Ziv’s CT-guided implants require no incisions or stitches, therefore I am not swollen and have virtually no soreness or discomfort. I feel so good, that I will have to keep reminding myself I can chew with both sides of my mouth! The temporary doesn’t even look like one would expect a temporary crown to look. It’s AMAZING! Also, thank you personally calling to follow up. The personal touch makes quite a difference. Thanks again.”




  • “Dr. Ziv and his staff are very nice, helpful people, and I have never had to wait past my appointment time. I would certainly recommend Dr. Ziv for his knowledge, professionalism and excellent patient care.”

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