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While you may not want to re-live your 20’s entirely, it’s safe to say we all want the confident smile and youthful appearance we had at that age. Whether you’re in your 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s, cosmetic dentist for Westlake Village,  Dr. Jonathan Ziv can refresh your look and make you appear closer to 21—all without a facelift! How? With his trademarked Smile21® System.

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Dr. Ziv’s Smile21® system is a unique combination of cosmetic and neuromuscular dental procedures that can rejuvenate your entire face—helping you look and feel years younger. This non-surgical technique goes beyond traditional soft tissue face-lift capabilities, and can instantly erase 10 to 15 years from one’s appearance. Combined with neuromuscular dental techniques, Smile21® often erases years of acquired head and neck pain such as TMJ, headaches, migraines, neck, and shoulder pain.

Dr. Ziv’s Smile21® technique allows him to predictably restore or increase the vertical dimension of occlusion, which is a fancy way of saying he can can reverse the progressive, age-related decrease in the distance between the nose and the chin that can occur over time.  This gradual shortening of the lower third of the face can produce a more square-appearing, older-looking face and jowls, deep folds and wrinkles. By instantly increasing the distance between the nose and chin, Dr. Ziv’s Smile21® technique can produce a 10-15 year drop in perceived age and a younger, more ovoid facial shape and a tightening of facial folds and deep wrinkles.


Dr. Ziv’s makeovers are so impressive, he’s been featured on the popular television channel TLC’s show, Ten Years Younger. He is also a trusted medical consultant for the magazine, New Beauty, keeping people in-the-know with the industry’s latest advancements in dental health.


Dr. Ziv is the only cosmetic dentist for Westlake Village who provides the Smile21® System. If you would like more information on his trademarked Smile21® System, or about any of the restorative, neuromuscular, dental implant or cosmetic dentistry procedures offered at our Agoura Hills office, please contact Dr. Ziv today!



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