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If you are missing one or more of your natural teeth, either congenitally or because of an accident or due to decay, a dental bridge could be the ideal option for you. Missing teeth can cause a range of dental concerns, from chewing problems to bite disorders, and of course cosmetic anxiety.

Even if only one tooth is missing, the gap left behind will affect the surrounding teeth, causing them to eventually “drift” into the vacant space. We can prevent this from happening (and give you your beautiful smile back!) by replacing your lost tooth/teeth with bridges and crowns.


What is a Dental Bridge?

Cosmetic dentist in the Thousand Oaks area, Dr. Ziv, often provides dental bridges to patients who prefer an alternative to dental implants (learn more about Dr. Ziv’s unique dental implant process by clicking here). A bridge is comprised of an artificial tooth or teeth supported by crowns that are bonded to the natural teeth on either side of a gap.

Removable partial bridges replace missing teeth in a similar way, but are convenient for those not wanting a permanent change or where there are not adequate teeth available for a fixed bridge.

Bridges are used to fill gaps in the mouth, making your smile more attractive and uniform. Both permanent and removable dental bridges can last many years with proper maintenance.

Replacing Aesthetically Unpleasing Crowns

Though extremely strong and durable, dental crowns, which also hold bridges in place, eventually break down and need replacing. Because nothing is more distracting than a visible dark metal edge of an existing crown or discomfort from deteriorating crowns, Dr. Ziv can replace old crowns with new, all-white porcelain or porcelain zirconia crowns–perfectly matching the shade of your existing teeth.

Ensure your dental crowns are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing by visiting The Ziv Studio for Smile Design today!



  • “Dr. Ziv and his staff are very nice, helpful people, and I have never had to wait past my appointment time. I would certainly recommend Dr. Ziv for his knowledge, professionalism and excellent patient care.”

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