All On Four Dental Implants

Scalpel free dental implants in Agoura Hills California

All On Four Dental Implants For New Teeth In A Day


At the Ziv Smile Studio, Dr. Ziv, for years, has been using CT-guided implant technology to allow the minimally invasive, flap-less placement of dental implants and the affixing of a full smile immediately after the non-traumatic removal of unsustainable teeth. His patients walk in with their old smile and leave with a new smile the same day!  With All on Four technique, this Teeth in a Day or Teeth in an Hour immediate result may be performed with a minimal number of four dental implants to support as many as ten upper or lower teeth.

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Agoura Hills California all on four dental implants


All on Four Dental Implants- Ziv Smile Studio Advantages:

With the All on Four technique at the Ziv Smile Studio in Agoura Hills,  the new smile is planned beforehand with you and Dr. Ziv custom designing your ideal new smile. Any nonsustainable teeth are atraumatically removed by Dr. Ziv via periotomes, and dental implants, prelocated and guided by Dr. Ziv’s in-house iCAT conebeam, low-dose dental CT unit are inserted via tiny laprascopic type openings. This highly accurate and  flap-less technique results in a very comfortable post operative condition as opposed to the often painful recovery as a result of  the wide and comparatively invasive flap incisions and sutures utilized by most dental implantologists.


Be Comfortably Sedated for the All on Four Procedure at the Ziv Smile Studio-At No Additional Cost

At the Ziv Smile Studio, oral conscious sedation or nitrous oxide relaxation are available at no additional cost to our implant clients.  With oral conscious sedation, a small pill is disolved under your tongue and within minutes you can snooze through the whole procedure with usually no memory of the visit at all!


All on Four Dental Implant Clients at the Ziv Smile Studio Are Treated One At A Time By Dr. Ziv In A Spa-Like Setting as Opposed to High Volume Implant Clinics:

The Ziv Smile Studio for over thirty years has been a boutique, spa-style dental office catering to cosmetic and implant clients that seek one at a time attention and care. Our costs for the All on Four Dental Implant technique are comparable or lower than the high volume dental implant clinics advertising heavily on the radio and other media.  If you have visited and been disappointed in the factory-style treatment rendered in the high volume dental implant clinics or need to have your treatment that was rendered repaired, remade, or finished, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Ziv for a no charge second opinion.



  • “Dr. Ziv and his staff are very nice, helpful people, and I have never had to wait past my appointment time. I would certainly recommend Dr. Ziv for his knowledge, professionalism and excellent patient care.”

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